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Since qdc music IEM launched, we've popular in music artists、fans and Enthusiasts.Here is the audition comments on qdc GEMINI & HiFi8 writen by zekiel77 and they were posted on forum head-fi.


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qdc Gemini


qdc might have escaped the radar in HF but made a big splash in Chinese forums and among Eastern artists. I've heard great things about them, and was thankful for the audition. Their Gemini is an 8-driver flagship, with a hefty price tag to go with it. It has a bass switch too, like the Lime Ears Aether, sort of a "fun on" switch I guess. The stock cable is silver-plated copper.



Bass switch off
Here's the thing, I've been missing out! The Gemini is phenomenal! I've been trying to get off the grid, spend some quality time with my IEMs, but once in a while some good poison comes along and I'll be like, how did I miss that? (Easy answer. I'm broke-ass broke lol) The signature is balanced, sweet and euphonic, with just a hint of warmth and excellent extension on both ends. It's coloured but in a good way. The bass is clean and not too quick, with a delicate bloom and natural, buttery decay. Sometimes I'd like more punch, but this bass keeps the stage clean. The mids are lovely. The timbre is dead-on accurate and vocals are brought forward just a bit. It's very immersive stuff. I imagine myself swimming in a pool of dense female vocals in my private time with this. The treble manages to sound very detailed and velvety smooth at the same time. It's a bit shimmery as well, so you won't be gasping for air. Soundstage is on par with most flagships, not particularly big, with more width than depth, and imaging is also quite good. Note thickness is just right, not too thin to be called analytical, not too warm and congested either. I would say yes, they nailed the tuning. They. Frigging. Nailed. It. Gemini has one of the most pleasing signatures I've heard this year. I threw every genre at it and the Gemini's rendering seemed effortless, like dust off its sassy shoulders. Reminds me a bit of my Oriolus actually, with better mids and less air.



Bass switch on
Remember when I said I could use more mid-bass punch? It's there now, but a shade too much. It's fun, but the mid-bass is now too boomy. I can only think of the words "Thank you Sam, thank you Otis, thank you Mudddyyyy" when the bass switch is on. So... let's turn it back off.



Bass switch off
Ahh, that's the stuff

Bonus comparison to W900
A short shootout revealed the W900 to be bassier and woolier than stock Gemini, with slightly smoother mids (Gemini's mids are more prominent and detailed), and a more detailed treble. W900 takes the treble decay and soundstage width too, but the Gemini tuning overall, is stellar. I'm running out of superlatives and left with expletives. Seriously, holy crapola, the Gemini is shaping up to be one of my favourites of the year, and along with Flamenco, a joint show favourite.


qdc 8SH



I'm not well-versed in their product line, but besides their flagship Gemini, they have 3-, 5- and 8-driver IEMs, both available in Studio and Hifi tuning options. One of the most welcomed IEMs of the show is their 8-driver Hifi, or 8SH. Like the Samba is to Flamenco, the 8SH is less airy and more intimate than Gemini, but makes up for it in immersion and overall enjoyment. This is another good example of getting the tuning and tonal balance right before anything else. The signature is again balanced, with a thick tonal body and just a hair brighter than Gemini. It's also very dynamic, making for a head-bopping good time. The sub-bass is ramped up, with excellent rumble. It's bass you can feel! And since the sub-bass is more prominent than the mid-bass, there's hardly any bleed into the mids. For mids, like in Gemini, the vocals are placed slightly forward, and has brilliant detail despite being thicker. It sounds very natural and speaker-like, probably why it got the Hifi monicker. The treble sounds very similar to Gemini, shimmery and toes a fine line between detail and smoothness. It's a bit more forward and aggressive than Gemini, and not afraid to have a good time. I love the tuning as well, but Gemini with the more laid-back and airy approach gets my vote. And would you check out those faceplates? I'd like a skull motif too while listening to female Cantopop ballads. I'm hard!

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