qdc Neptune is ranking Top 10 in Japan's IEMs for over three weeks in less than two months




Hi, guys, here is a big news we want to share with you: qdc Neptune, which luanched in Japan in the end of November, the year 2017, now is ranking Top 10 in IEMs on Kakaku.com. What's more, it is keeping in top 10 for over three weeks. 




Kakaku.com is Japan's largest price comparison shopping webstite.  Its ranking combines the IEM's quality, price and buyers' comments. You can see Neptune is ranking No.8 right now and gets 5 star feedback.



Neptune makes such great success in Japan in less than two months, not only because of its outstanding appearance but also due to tis impressive music experience.


We will continue to make our best effect on creating more excellent monitors for thoese people who love music with huge enthusiasm. And don't forget that qdc will attend the U.S. NAMM show which will be held Jan25-28,2018, we are hoping to see you later. 

Offical website: www.qdc.com

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