Anole VX will attend Moscow Hi-End Show



Moscow Hi-End Show - the first specialized Russian exhibition focused on pure High End Audio. Here, in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere you can listen to the best audio systems and see new outstanding models of turntables, tube amplifiers, speakers, racks  and audio accessories. 





This is the first time for qdc to attend the event. We will show all qdc in-ear monitors for Russian audiophiles, including the new flagship Anole VX. 





Moscow Hi-End Show 2018

  • The dates: 9-11 November 2018

  • Address: Hotel Holiday Inn Tagansky, Moscow, Simonovsky Val 2,

  • qdc booth: Room 221

VX owns 10 balanced armature drivers per side. Additionally, there are three micro-switches on each  inside of the earphone to extend 8 tuning. In a word, it is a “toxic” earplug. 




Besides, it's the first time for us to present Anole VX in overseas, so just spend nice time listening to live sound of music.




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