Brief Review of Moscow Hi-End Show 2018



This is qdc’s first time to attend the Moscow Hi-End Show. To be honest, we were quite nervous, we were not sure whether Russian audiophiles would like qdc IEMs due to different cultures. And the three-day show tells us the result.


The first day of the show falls on Friday and the visitors were not so many. Some audiophiles visited our booth and got impressed with our monitors.





More visitors came by the day 2 and day 3. Some of them have already heard about qdc before, and some may not, but they all spoke highly of our products.






Visitors could see the debut of all-new Anole VX, the new flagship. Since it owns eight kinds of different tuning ways, it interests the attendees most. One audiophile was curious to check the details of Anole VX, and strongly recommended to his friends.





Put up the earphones, the world is filled with wonderful music. Regardless of your age and country that you are from, we share the same name that calls “music lovers” at the right moment.





It’s delighted to meet you at the show and see you next year.



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