The Brief Review of Portable Audio Festival 2019



In December 14th、15th, Portable Audio Festival 2019 was held at Akihabara Building, Tokyo. qdc's IEMs were all presented at the exbi, including the new launched product Uranus, and won lots of compliment. Here is the brief review.


Audiences stood in line for entering.


Some friends came towardly to qdc's booth.


This is the first show for Uranus in Japan. Some audiophiles might have heard it before. They grapped the chance to experience the new product.


Uranus is so glorious with the nighty sky faceplate that attract lots of audiences.


They would like to have a try.


With the strictly seltected drivers and perfect outlooking, and the professtional tune and the quality test, Uranus got lots of applause from Japanese enthuasiasm.


Besides, the flagship Anole VX was the hot IEM too. It has ten BA drivers on per side. The most expressive thing is it can extend to eight tunes with two switches. Most people said it was so lovely and surprised.


The last show in 2019 has come to the end. We appreciate everyone who come to support. See you next year.