qdc Hybrid Drivers

Uranus, adopting the same patented acoustic cavity as Fusion, represents QDC’s pursuit of visual aesthetics and acoustic characteristics. ...

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  • Specifications
  • Sensitivity : 100dB SPL/mW

    Frequency response :10Hz-20000Hz


    Armature units: one BA + one dynamic drivers

  • Noise isolation: 26dB

    Monitor plug: 3.5mm(1/8") connector

    Cable: optional not available

    Technical feature:2 sound channels, 2 crossover,

  • Classification: Standard
  • Recommend: monitor and music enthusiast

Product description






Music, just like the bright stars, achieves our imagination and pursuit of beauty. Uranus, combined with qdc’s relentless pursuit of visual aesthetics and acoustic characteristics, adopts the same patented acoustic cavity as Fusion. Customized drivers, consisting of 1 dynamic and 1 balanced armature, perfectly complements each other, so as to achieve a more wonderful restoration of timbre performance.


Note: Uranus only has one option and the Bluetooth model contains 3.5 black GE4C cable and qdc Bluetooth adaptor BTX. 








Professional adjusting

QDC pursues the professional sound. Each product adopts customized acoustic components, adopts scientific sound cavity design, and is adjusted by a professional acoustic team. Not only the professional headphones have been recognized by well-known first-line singers, musicians, music variety show tutors, students, tuning teams , bands and other professionals, the consumer headphones are also the optimal choice for thousands of audiophiles!