Dmagic 3D-C

3 dynamic drivers (Customization)

Dmagic, standing for "Dynamic Magic", adopts the innovative design that obstructs the disturbance among dynamic drivers. ...

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  • Specifications
  • Sensitivity: 98dB SPL/mW
    Frequency response : 10 Hz - 30,000 Hz
    Impedance: 13.5 ohms
    Driver Units: 3 Dynamic drivers
    Noise isolation: 26dB
    Monitor Plug: 3 in 1 push type replaceable plug
    Cable: 8C copper and silver mixed braided
    Shell color: Wood grain
    Technical features: Dmagic patented technology, 3 frequency division, 3 dynamic drivers, 2 way sound channels.
    Classification: Customization and universal
    Recommend: Monitoring and music enthusiast

Product description





Dmagic 3D-C

Dmagic stands for "Dynamic Magic", a master of dynamic. 10mm graphene vibrating diaphragm, titanium-plated vibrating diaphragm and 8mm compound vibrating diaphragm keeps 3 way crossover circuit design. By adjusting outside of the cavity, Dmagic 3D-C has the same consistency and acoustic standards as armature headphones. The scrupulous wood carvings provide a staunch base for integration of the cavity and solid-wooden faceplates, highlighting the mild beauty of dynamic design.








Professional adjusting

QDC pursues the professional sound. Each product adopts customized acoustic components, adopts scientific sound cavity design, and is adjusted by a professional acoustic team. Not only the professional headphones have been recognized by well-known first-line singers, musicians, music variety show tutors, students, tuning teams , bands and other professionals, the consumer headphones are also the optimal choice for thousands of audiophiles!