The Emperor is a headphone developed by qdc in collaboration with Aiuto Japan for the Year 2024, and is the latest iteration of qdc's headphone design. Each side is equipped with 1 dynamic +10 BA +4 EST hybrid 15 drivers.

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  • Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 106dB SPL/mW
    Frequency response range: 5 Hz -70000 Hz
    Impedance: 15 Ω
    Driver: 1DD + 10BA + 4EST

  • Noise reduction: 26dB
    Plug: DM 3 IN 1 changable straight plugs
    Cable: Black copper and silver mixed braided cable
    Technical features: 5 sound channels and 5 crossover circuit

  • Classification: Customized

Product description




Empress Custom Version

The Empress is a headphone developed by qdc in collaboration with Aiuto Japan in 2024, and it the latest work in qdc's headphone design. The single side is also equipped with 1DD+10BA+4EST, total 15 drivers, on the basis of the flagship V14 to add a DD ultra-low frequency driver, upgrade from 4 crossovers and 4 sound channels to 5 crossovers and 5 sound channels, ultra-low frequency can be submerged to 5HZ, making both ends of the bandwidth and sound expanded again. The difference is that Empress carried DD, special for customized tuning, is elegant and noble, talent and graceful, luxurious and beautiful queen image for the idea of adjustment, and there are just customized version. 0.78 2 CIEM pin change cable compatibility is more better, and the standard V14 upgrade DM 3 in 1 interchangeable plug black copper silver mixed braided headphone cable.

Remarks: Designs and colors optional for Custom version.







Professional adjusting

QDC pursues the professional sound. Each product adopts customized acoustic components, adopts scientific sound cavity design, and is adjusted by a professional acoustic team. Not only the professional headphones have been recognized by well-known first-line singers, musicians, music variety show tutors, students, tuning teams , bands and other professionals, the consumer headphones are also the optimal choice for thousands of audiophiles!